About Me

Name: Kelly Magovern.

Location: San Jose, California.

Race/Ethnicity: Half Chinese/Half Irish. (Although I did genetic testing on myself through a company, called 23andme, and I found out I might have a bit of Basque, French and British in me on my caucasian side.) That said, the whole idea of race is an egoic idea to me, and I don’t place much stock in it when it comes to dealing with people.

Religion: Pantheism probably comes close, or something like “the Force” in Star Wars. I definitely do not believe in an anthropomorphic God. If God exists at all, then I think it is probably more like an “invisible matrix” or a “divine energy” that flows through all of Life—through me, you, everyone and everything. I also think Osho summed it up nicely when he said, “There is no God other than life itself.”

Smoke/Drink: No/No.

Music: K-pop, Japanese electro-pop, Nu Metal, 90’s Hardcore, 90’s Rap/Hip-Hop, 70’s Funk, Groove Metal, Industrial Metal, Grunge, Reggae, Ska, Oldies, Classical, Classic Rock, Dubstep, and even some country music and corny pop songs. I’m all over the place. I AM LIMITLESS! ;P

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Movies: The Matrix, Star Wars Trilogy, Superman Part 2, Battle Royale, Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, 12 Monkeys, 28 Days Later, 30 Days of Night, Dredd, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, Sympathy For Lady Vengeance, The Man From Nowhere, Love Exposure, Confessions, Oblivion, The Hunger Games, The Karate Kid 1 & 2, The Abyss, The Shining, The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs, The Village, Inception, Howl’s Moving Castle, Alien, Aliens, Shawshank Redemption, From Dusk Till Dawn, Pulp Fiction, Prometheus, I Am Legend, Bloodsport, Zombieland, Drive, The Illusionist, The Prestige, Blade Runner, Return To Oz, Kindergarten Cop, Three Amigos, Coming To America, Amadeus, You Can’t Take It With You, Leave Her To Heaven, The Neverending Story, The Others, [REC] 2, Snatch, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

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TV: South Park, The Walking Dead, Firefly, Breaking Bad, Key & Peele, and any interesting documentaries that I come across.

Books: Eckhart Tolle, Gary Zukav, Caroline Myss, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Byron Katie, Marianne Williamson, Susan Jeffers, Judith Orloff, Louise Hay, Abraham-Hicks, Bashar (Darryl Anka), Shakti Gawain, Adyashanti, Osho, Rumi, Bruce Lee, Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Melody Beattie.

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