Legend (1985)

Red Bull Kick It - 2014 Qualifiers - Board Breaking

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Michelle Waterson Vs. Yasuko Tamada @ Invicta FC 8

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)

Flying Armbar demonstration.

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Rener & Ryron Gracie demonstrating a basic takedown.

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Joe Rogan instagram video

90’s grunge/rock/alternative mv’s

Smashing Pumpkins interview in Japan (February 1992)

Smashing Pumpkins interview in Japan (February 1992)



Fatima Ptacek in the short film, Curfew (2012).

My “infamous” dance scene in our Oscar-winning film, Curfew ❤️

Wow, Fatima Ptacek reblogged my gif set that I made for her. Frickin’ sweet!

Brigitte Lin, Gong Li and Sharla Cheung in The Dragon Chronicles - The Maidens of Heavenly Mountains (1994)

Check out this 10-year old girl playing Slayer on guitar while her little sister provides awesome back-up vocals! Little Japanese girls are bringing the ruckus lately! XD

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The Japan swagger is strong. ;P

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Tai Chi Zero (2012)